More Able Enrichment Days

More Able Enrichment Days

For the second year running, Aspire More Able came into school and set up two enrichment days for Year 8 and Year 9 More Able students. On Monday the 3rd December, a science lab was transformed into Mars and a space mission was created. Students discovered if it is possible to colonise Mars in an exciting adventure story and carried out a variety of different investigations; including Micro Chemistry REDOX investigations, blood transfusions along with designing a Mars Lander and Buggy.


The following day Aspire More Able created a crime scene in a lab for Year 9 students. Students were put into teams to investigate the suspicious death, they analysed evidence, conducted forensic tests including DNA testing and blood stain analysis to solve the mystery murder. Students who have been identified as More Able took part in the day but other students were added to the group by their science teachers to maximise numbers taking part in the enrichment activity.


The events created by Aspire More Able allowed our students to develop critical thinking, working within a team environment and more importantly challenged and captivated their imagination. The feedback from students has been excellent, and there is no doubt we will book Aspire More Able to come into school again next year.


Mr Bawden

Lead Teacher for The More Able