Primary Maths Day

Primary Maths Day

On Wednesday 30th November, one hundred year 5 and 6 students from local primary schools formed 23 teams to take part in a team maths competition at The Crypt.  The day consisted of six rounds spread over four and a half hours.

The first round consisted of 15 questions over 40 minutes and challenged the students to work as a team.  Teams from Walford and Gastrells took an early lead but there was little to separate the top ten or so teams.

The second round was the Crossnumber, which as the name suggests involves a crossword grid, but the across and down clues give numbers instead of words.  This can be particularly difficult as many questions reference other clues that must be solved first and for some problems there can be more than one answer, but only one that will complete the grid.  The highest score in this round was from another team from Gastrells, but the highest overall score at this stage was achieved by a team from Croft, a position that they would hold until the lunchbreak.

The final round of the morning was the Shuttle round in which the students split into pairs and they must work on a problem separately before passing their answer to the other pair who can then use that number in their own problem.  The highest score in this round was by Rosary.

After lunch the teams spent 20 minutes working on a logic puzzle and 11 of the teams successfully completed the entire puzzle in the time including teams from Mitcheldean, Naunton and Lea.  This was followed by the Make-a-Number in which the students are given five starting numbers and a target number to make, similar to the numbers game on the Countdown TV show.  Joint highest scores in this round were achieved by Tibberton and Coney Hill.

The afternoon’s finale was the relay round which is a frantic 40 minutes in which students must collect one question at a time from the far side of the room from which they are working.  The best score in this round was by a team from St James’ which secured them second place in the overall competition but was not enough to overtake Croft, who hung on to win the overall competition by just one point, whilst third place went to Gastrells.

Teams from St Paul’s, Deerhurst and Apperley and Cam Hopton should also be congratulated for successfully solving some very challenging maths problems over the course of the day.

Helping throughout the day were an excellent team of volunteers from The Crypt Sixth Form.  They helped with everything including setting up the room, greeting visitors, helping the primary students with particularly difficult problems, marking, scoring, setting up the microphone and sound system, playing background music and ultimately tidying everything away at the end of the day.  Our Sixth Formers displayed every quality that we aim to instill into our students and they provided an excellent demonstration of the high standards that we expect and achieve in the school.