House Competition Reward day 2016

House Competition Reward day 2016

All year, the four houses – Moore, Henley, Brown and Whitefield – have been competing against one another in a race to achieve the highest number of house points.  Points were awarded for participation and performance in various events, and also for individual achievements and performance in classwork.

Last week, the totals were totted up for the last time and the results are as follows:

1. Moore (16599 points)
2. Whitefield (16015.5 points)
3. Henley (15963 points)
4. Brown (15216.5 points)

A very well done to Moore who managed to hold onto the top position all year.   As a reward, Moore students were treated to an hour of playing with a variety of fun equipment, from obstacle courses to rodeo horses and laser tag!

Will Moore hang onto their title next year or will another house steal the title?  Watch out for updates via Facebook and Twitter!