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Teaching and Learning is, naturally, the most important aspect of the School’s life.  For that reason, we strive to relentlessly develop the excellent work that goes on in the classroom by researching and innovating – we do not rest on our laurels! 

This year we are focusing on developing three proven strategies to enhance our student’s outcomes and life chances.  These strategies are:

Metacognition, Talk for Learning and Collaboration. 

To drive our ambitious T&L agenda, we have a Lead Practitioner, Mrs Kirkpatrick, leading the Teaching and Learning for the School and three Lead Teachers, Mrs Brookes, Miss Okell and Miss Higgins, leading their individual teaching and Learning strategies.   

See below some links showing the impact of our chosen T&L strands and our CALL (Crypt Active Learning Leads) Blog. 



Secondary Subject Leader Network Meeting

Catherine Brooks,  SLE Geography & Head of Humanities from The Crypt Teaching School Alliance attended the recent Secondary Subject Leader Network Meeting in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire which is attended by teaching subject leads from across the County.  The team share successful practice, give updates on national and local curriculum developments and work together to develop leadership skills. 

Catherine delivered a CPLD on how “Metacognition” can be used in Mathematics and provided an insight into its potential for raising students’ engagement, enjoyment and achievement in Mathematics.  Feedback received from attendees below:

  • ‘Catherine’s session on metacognition has made me think again about coaching students as I teach … want to try boxing up again.’
  • ‘Metacognition session – fantastic introduction.  Hope I can find time to explore this.’
  • ‘Metacognition session was really good.’
  • ‘Metacognition – interesting ideas, delivered in a practical way with ideas to take back to school.’
  • ‘Catherine’s session gave me a better understanding of Metacognition.’
  • ‘Great session – energising, providing food for thought.’

If you would like to find out more about Metacognition, then The Crypt Teaching School Alliance are running a CPLD on 23rd January ’19 (3.30pm – 4.30pm) at The Crypt School, Podsmead Road, Gloucester. 

To find out more and details on how you can reserve a place please click link:  Metacognition 2 (Secondary)












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