Student Voice - everyone has a chance to be heard


It is important to the development of our sixth formers – and to the future of the sixth form itself – that our young men and women are able to have a say in their own education. 

This starts on the academic front with you telling us which subjects you wish to study – and this has also led us to introduce new subjects at A-Level.

Students tell us how they prefer to study – from a number of ‘non-contact’ lessons on sixth form timetables, students elect how they wish to work in these. This may be in a highly structured, ‘supervised’ session with a member of staff; it may be studying with a group of friends around a table in the Cooke Centre; it may be studying independently in the Learning Resource Centre; or it might be talking about a topic or current affairs over a coffee on the Terrace.

Of course, students can always talk to members of staff about any issues or concerns, and they will often chat to Tutors, Heads of Year or Administrative Support Staff in the Sixth Form.

But there are more formal ways for student voice to be heard as well. Usually students will communicate through the Sixth Form Council, through the Prefects or through the Student Executive. On many issues we consult with student ‘working parties’ and we sometimes make use of questionnaires and online surveys.

Whichever way you choose, you can be sure that we will listen to your thoughts and ideas.







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