Whether you join us from Crypt Year 11 or from other schools, all students find a warm welcome


Student Profiles - What is a typical Crypt Sixth Former?



A-Levels:                      English Literature, Psychology, History, Biology

Future Plans:               Study Law at Oxford University

Career Plans:               Hope to become a barrister

Why Crypt?                 Crypt has served me really well in my KS3 and KS4 years. I trust them to guide me through

                                  A-Levels: I couldn't imagine studying anywhere else.

Crypt’s Best Bits:        The teachers motivate students, to get the best out of us. Lessons are enjoyable. There is

                                  a balance between working hard and enjoying our time in the sixth form.



A-Levels:                      English Language, English Literature, Biology

Future Plans:               English Language and Journalism degree at King's College London

Career Plans:               Journalism / public relations

Why Crypt?                  I chose Crypt because of the teachers,  the good standard of resources and the study

                                   structure.I knew it was an environment that we enable me to achieve highly.

Crypt’s Best Bits:         It has a friendly atmosphere, which adds to my enjoyment of learning. The work can

                                    be challenging but the teaching staff are really supportive. Access to resources is

                                    excellent. There are loads of extra-curricular activities that encourage progress. Opportunities

                                    are always presented to students for reaching and exceeding their goals. Additional

                                    responsibilities in the sixth form allow us to grow.



A-Levels:                     Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Further Maths

Future Plans:               Chemistry Degree at Oxford University

Career Plans:               Find cures for currently uncurable diseases.

Why Crypt?                 My first five years here were the best times of my life: I made life-long friends, enjoyed the

                                  intellectual challengea and took part in a plethora of sports and arts activities.

Crypt’s Best Bits:         It's unbelievably friendly, helpful and supportive. Everyone feels welcomed and all of the staff are

                                  great. Once you arrive, you'll never want to leave!



A-Levels:                    English Language, English Literature, History, Philosophy & Ethics

Future Plans:              English Language & History Degree.

Career Plans:              Aim to become a teacher or lecturer.

Why Crypt?                Crypt offered the combination of subjects that I wanted to study, as well as providing a great

                                 balance between academic and social activities.

Crypt’s Best Bits:       The people at Crypt are nice to be around. It’s a great working environmentplace but there

                                 is a good work ethic as well. The facilities are excellent and there are a wide range of opportunities

                                 that have helped me to develop as an individual.



A-Levels:                    Biology, Chemistry, Geography

Future Plans:              Study Veterinary Science at Nottingham University

Career Plans:              To become a vet in a small animal practice.

Why Crypt?                 I chose Crypt because t has good teachers and a friendly, hard-working environment.

Crypt’s Best Bits:        Crypt’s greatest strength is its staff –  they are professional and academic, yet are easy

                                  to talk to at any time and have helped make my time here enjoyable. The commitment and

                                  support enable us to achieve our best.



A-Levels:                  Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry

Future Plans:            Take a Degree in Economics at Oxford University

Career Plans:            I hope to work in the City after completing my degree.

Why Crypt?               I chose Crypt because they encouraged me to do my best through previous years and I

                                 achieved some excellent results. I forged a number of strong, positive relationships with

                                 teachers and wanted to continue these into my A-Level studies.

Crypt’s Best Bits:      Crypt is an excellent place to study – the staff are friendly, helpful and very supportive

                                 but also challenge us with topics beyond the curriculum. There is plenty of support, no

                                 matter what our ambitions.







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