The programme is designed to create a clear pathway to support and challenge our more able athletes so that they go on and fulfil their potential in their chosen sport.


Sports Academy

Our Sports Academy programme is designed to identify, support and challenge our more able sportsmen and women who have shown potential within their chosen sport. As a PE department, we have developed the following set criteria to identify our most talented athletes: 

  1. Performs at county level or above in his chosen sport.

  2. Makes an outstanding contribution to various sport teams within the school, demonstrating all-round ability and a commitment to extra-curricular provision.

  3. Consistently shows a higher level of ability and attainment in core PE lessons in comparison to the rest of their year group.

  4. Sets an example for other students to follow in terms of behaviour, effort and endeavour when representing the school. 

The sports academy programme is run in partnership with Ed Archer and Athlete Academy. Ed has been supporting the PE department for a number of years and his input has become invaluable for our students. Ed was strength and conditioning coach for Gloucester RFC for 7 years before launching Athlete Academy. He is fully qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Advanced Sport & Exercise along with being a tutor, coach and assessor for UK Strength and Conditioning. Ed truly is an expert in this field and his understanding of what needs to happen for students to maximise their potential is second to none.  

The focus of the sports academy is to develop students’ knowledge and understanding even further with regards to functional movement. The sessions focus purely on Strength & Conditioning and developing the all-round athlete. Workshops also take place throughout the academic year to challenge students understanding of their role within sport, focusing on topics such as diet, sport psychology and barriers to fulfilling potential.


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