The science curriculum aims to equip all pupils with an understanding of the world around them


The science curriculum aims to equip all pupils with an understanding of the world around them and create a life-long interest in the world of science and scientific research.

In Years 7 & 8 the pupils are taught combined science in their tutor groups. We deliver a bespoke curriculum which links closely to the National Curriculum and develops strong understanding of the sciences. With plenty of practical activities the pupils develop good understanding of scientific method which enables them to achieve very high grades at GCSE.

In Year 8 students participate in ‘The Future is Wild’ project. This is a cross curricular project which looks at how organisms might evolve over millions of years. This project is always met with great enthusiasm by students, and the quality of work that they produce in such a short amount of time is excellent. The week culminates in an exhibition of their work which is attended by parents and guardians.

In Year 9 the sciences are split into the separate sciences.  Students take Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are taught by subject specialists.  This year provides the foundation for GCSE and the majority of pupils will be working at a GCSE level as they start in Year 10.

With changes in assessment for the GCSEs the science department have already implemented new assessment criteria where written work and tests are graded from 1 to 9.  Students will be assessed using these grades all the way through from Year 7 to Year 11 so parents can clearly see how their child is progressing in science.

Most students take all three Sciences in Year 11 although a handful will take just 2 sciences or double award. During the course of the GCSE’s students will have a number of enrichment opportunities. We have close links with both Bristol and Oxford University. We also have our Science Fair which is held in the Summer Term and appears to be growing in popularity every year. Throughout the year we are visited by primary school pupils and now we offer help to deliver their CAD/CAM National Curriculum requirements via their participation in engineering projects such as the Jaguar F1 in Schools Competition. They are able to use the laboratory facilities and many attend the Science Fair activities.

The school strongly supports and develops engineering talent within our pupil population and you can visit our web pages to find out more about our activities in this area.

Science at Sixth Form has experienced a huge increase in numbers over the last few years. We feel that this is owing to the enjoyment of the subject in the lower school and the university choices which students are making. Many courses are now engineering based which reflects the national need for the same. 


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