The Personal Education programme supports our students personal development and helps them with important course and career choices


PSHCE and Citizenship

Personal Social Health and Careers Education explores key issues facing today’s students: and the lessons at The Crypt School stress the importance of discussing values about topics such as physical and mental wellbeing, consent, relationships and sexual orientation.  An equally important focus for our students is their academic life: how to use study skills and revision skills productively – whilst understanding how to deal with the pressures these can bring.  The Crypt School also focuses on the students’ pathways towards the working world; and this enables every student to reflect on potential careers, the skills required and the routes towards achieving their goals.  Content ranges from opening the discussion about what ‘careers’ are in Year 7 to the application for degrees and apprenticeships at sixth form level.    

As the PSHCE programme explores personal issues, relationships and aspirations, Citizenship examines our students’ positions as citizens in a societal context, including the local, national and global community.  Students evaluate their relationship within the law and explore the role of the criminal justice system.  A coherent understanding of political systems in the UK and the E.U. is generated; whilst global issues affecting the world today – such as human trafficking and the plight of refugees – are also discussed and considered.  Our aim is to allow students to feel safe when asking difficult questions and to feel informed when considering their viewpoints.  


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