The Vision


The new free primary school aims to give access to local children to a world class, academically focused, education to prepare them for the demands of a grammar school curriculum and help them aspire to achieve highly in all that they do.  The new free school will be located on the existing Crypt School campus and will welcome pupils from Reception to Year 6.  The Crypt Primary school would recruit pupils from the immediate and local area and its aim will be to offer local children with access to an aspirational ethos and specialist teaching in Maths, English, science and MFL to improve their chances to access outstanding secondary education.

Being taught on the existing campus will enable pupils to use existing school facilities – the sports hall, science labs, dining room, hall etc. and enable teachers and support staff from the main school and the free school to move freely from one site to another, teaching and supporting children (from Year 4) in their specialist subject areas.  The expectation is that all pupils will make rapid and sustained progress in their academic work.  Through being taught by teachers who also work at the main school and being educated on the same site, the primary pupils will develop a strong sense of belonging to a historic institution which has a strong academic and aspirational ethos.  At the heart of the curriculum will be a strong focus on maths, English, speaking skills, foreign languages, computing and science. 







How to Apply

History of The Crypt School