The Crypt Pastoral Journey

 The journey begins from the moment you accept a place at The Crypt. We will consider you to be part of the School community and come out to visit you at your Primary School. Visiting for induction days will help you make friends and feel settled. In September all students enter Year 7 with a sense of pride exemplified by their uniform.  

Year 7 is a time to build those friendships and get used to the school routines. The Year 7 residential is a key part of this as you get to know staff and other students and they get to know you. You will quickly find that you become friends with a range of students from a variety of backgrounds. Participating in the huge range of clubs - sporting, creative or academic - helps hugely with this. Time is spent making sure we bridge the gap from Primary School, ensuring that  you gradually get used to the increasing academic demands at Key Stage 3. By example, homework is carefully developed  to ensure that it is not stressful.  

As Key Stage 3 develops, it is important that you fully participate in the life of The Crypt- extra curricular as well as academic. There are a range of trips available- try to get involved in at least one to broaden your Crypt horizons. Being part of a team- either sporting or as part of the School production by example - also helps you feel part of the fabric of the School. Take the opportunities to participate in your House community which helps develop that sense of pride and belonging.  

Midway through Year 9 you will choose your academic options for GCSE. You are very supported through this process. The relationships you will have built talking to your teachers will help you make the decisions that are right for you ensuring you have subjects you enjoy alongside your core offer. Where you have concerns with this, talk to someone - staff are always willing to listen to your concerns, academic or non-academic. There is a graduated pathway of support for those most in need starting with tutors, then Heads of Year and onto members of the Senior Leadership team/external agencies for those most in need.  

When you enter Key Stage 4, the work may feel harder but the support is even greater where needed. Do still take the opportunities to be part of teams and look for positions of responsibility via the House System and Student Leadership programme. This may involve mentoring other students or working towards becoming a prefect. In Year 11, as academic pressure may feel greater the support from staff becomes even more closely focused. Even at the academically most pivotal times, the programme of PSHE and Citizenship remains in place to ensure that you will develop life skills and understand the values The Crypt holds most dearly.  

Sixth Form transition begins in Key Stage 4 with lots of support to help you pick the right post 16 courses. For those who stay at The Crypt, it is an opportunity again to build new friendships with students entering the School. You are very much recognised as an adult and opportunities to take part in decision making via Student Parliament increase. You should now look to reflect on the experiences you have had from Years 7 to 11 and look to become a lead student and example to others. Some find these and academic requirements hard to adjust to so we particularly focus on support in beginning to make post School choices and involving people like the School Counsellor in supporting your mental health.  

By the time you reach Year 13, you are ready to enter the next stage of your life. You are supported in the decision making involved with UCAS and considering apprenticeships. You may be part of the Student Executive and have a great say in the day to day running of your School. Take those final opportunities available to shape your School and reflect on your time at Leavers events. You should always have an attachment to The Crypt and are welcome as an alumni at future events. We hope that The Crypt will have been integral in helping you become the happy and successful adult you are sure to be!

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