Academically gifted students in Years 12 and 13 study a range of selected first-year level undergraduate modules alongside A-Levels.


The Open University (OU) Young Applicants In Schools Scheme (YASS)

The YASS enables academically gifted students in Years 12 and 13 to study a range of selected undergraduate modules at first-year level alongside their subjects. The scheme gives students the opportunity to study at university level, encourages independent learning, builds confidence and has the added bonus of differentiating them from other students when it comes to applying to traditional universities.

Students study OU modules in their own time; mostly evenings and weekends or during some of their non-contact periods at school. OU modules can be fitted around their school studies and offer considerable flexibility.

Here at the Crypt, we are able to offer students in Year 12 the opportunity to study for an OU module. Modules are offered in a wide variety of areas. The cost of the module will be borne by the School, although we would ask for a £50 contribution from the student towards this fee.

Students who may wish to study for an OU module need to make an application before April to commence the module in May. The module would take between 8 and 20 weeks to complete. This would be over the second half of the summer term and the summer holidays. Students would aim to complete the module by September. The impact on school work would therefore be minimised. By completing the module by September students will also be able to state on their UCAS forms that they have successfully completed an OU undergraduate module.

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