War Songs Project

War Songs Project

Article by Eden Saunders (10WBH)

The War Songs project was based around creating two pieces of original musical compositions for the World War One centenary based on Ivor Gurney’s poetry. Ivor Gurney was a Gloucester based war poet and composer. The pieces were 19 minutes and 14 seconds long and 19 minutes 17 seconds long to reflect the dates of the war.

This was an exciting and rewarding opportunity for both the experienced and inexperienced musicians at The Crypt School as the orchestra and choir performed live at a sell-out concert at the Gloucester Guildhall on 6th March. It was a mix of musical genres including reggae, orchestral pieces, pop rock, rap and big band. We had a full day of sectional workshops at the Guildhall before the show which really helped us to come together with all the other performers.

The new mayor of Gloucester, Sebastian Field, and his wife, Vicky Field, sang counter tenor and soprano in one of the pieces and young choral singers from Sine Nomine youth choir and Heron Junior school choir also sung.

As a school group we learnt about the joy of live performance and the possibilities that music can open up for you if you persevere. A live edited film has been produced showcasing the work which really sums up the atmosphere and professionalism of the evening. I won't forget this evening for a long time!

The CD ‘Crypt War Songs’ is now available from the school office, priced at £5.