Students Highly Commended by children's author

Students Highly Commended by children's author

Two of our talented young writers have received a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate for their entries in the NACE 2015 poetry competition. Vincent Ashby (13ADCL) and Oli Shaw (8MC) wrote poems on the theme of summer. You can read their entries below.

The competition was judged by children’s author, Adele Geras, who commented on the high standard of the entries, of which over one thousand were received.



It’s Summer In Syria by Vincent Ashby


Written as if from the perspective of 6-year old Nidal, a Syrian refugee whose experience this piece is based upon.


The weather was nice, so we played with my ball

But then, in a hurry, nasty men came to call

They shot at us first and then took my dad

Took him out of our house; I thought this is bad


Their faces were covered, the men holding my dad

Through black cloth masks, shouting like mad

Threw him into the dust, then pulled out their guns

Daddy on the floor, his red blood runs


A house full of people went up in smoke

I can hear people cry, scream and choke

They couldn’t get out so they cuddled and turned

Away from the fire; they cuddled and burned


I don’t know why, but more scary men came

Broke down nana’s door, was she to blame?

Her doors made of metal but they still came through

Bullets hit the walls, I didn’t know what to do


My sister got me out, we ran away crying

She said not to listen; to our nana dying

The tanks came next, they rumbled and roared

Running over my people, blood and tears poured


We got out in time, but just can’t ignore

We can never go back, to our home anymore

We don’t want to bother you, I just want my ball

The weather was nice, now we have nothing at all



Summer Poem by Oliver Shaw 8M-MC


As swallows skim and birds sing,

The sunshine watches over them,

The rain is banished and blue sky returns,

How I love summer.


Long days replace short,

Blue replaces grey,

The world is alive once more,

How I love summer.


Colours collide,

Flowers stand proud,

Enhancing every hedgerow,

How I love summer.


Fluttering butterflies,

Industrious insects,

Unknown worlds beneath our feet,

How I love summer.


Schools are out,

Excited children play about,

Laughter echoes from the seaside,

How I love summer.


Enjoy it at your best,

Cherished memories are kept,

As summer comes and goes,

How I love summer.