Crypt's Creative Writers: get involved!

Crypt's Creative Writers: get involved!

Crypt’s Creative Writers: get involved!


Poem of the Month

The English department is pleased to announce not one but TWO winners for October’s Poem of the Month competition: Daniel Webb and Ethan Cawley (both 8EFW) each wrote a stunning poem on the theme of Hallowe’en. You can read their poems below.


We also welcome Daniel Roderick (8MC), our new PotM editor who has made an impressive start.


Fancy your chances of winning? Our next Poem of the Month deadline is 23rd October and the theme is War and Remembrance. Email your poems to Ms Meade at or to Daniel at



Short Story competition: Tales from the Crypt

Don’t forget the creative writing competition, ‘Tales from the Crypt’. We want stories which are spooky, creepy or downright terrifying! The competition is open to ALL students and prizes include £10 Amazon/Waterstones vouchers, gold merits and house points.

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

Deadline: 19th October


Need some inspiration? Try these links:

20 of the most haunted places in Gloucestershire

10 classic horror stories you can read online

Booklist: young adult ghost stories

Or why not visit the library where we have lots of spooky tales for your to read – for FREE!



All Hallows’ Eve by Daniel Webb (8EFW)


Witches, warlocks and wicked spells,
Cauldrons and cackles all risen from hell,
The sound of bats flapping their wings,
Their screech in the air with the nightmares they bring.

The trees are twisted, curved and distorted,
They whisper to each other, their voices contorted,
They sway as undead spirits float emotionless by,
They wait for anything, even the glimpse of an eye.

The graveyard is cold, damp and musty,
Skeletons arise from the coffins, so dusty,
Escaping their prisons of cobwebs and bugs,
To seek out their victims, to scare, not to hug.

I open my eyes as from my daydream I wake,
I smile to myself – there’s really no need to quiver and quake!
The witches and warlocks are just trick or treaters,
The ghosts and the monsters,  just dressed up creatures!

The bats are mere pigeons, just soaring by,
The spirits are children who, when scared, just cry,
The trees are all normal, so upright and straight,
And the graveyard is misty, just bland like a slate.

As you can see, All Hallows’ Eve has changed,
From nightmarish horrors, to mere childish games,
But how do we know if the spirits are there,
Watching and waiting – step out if you dare…



The Halloween Of A Lifetime By Ethan Cawley (8EFW)


What does Halloween mean to you and me?

A night of frights and sweets for free.

My friends come to my house they’re all dressed up,

We’ll get all the tricks, knowing our luck!


Nervously we walk up to the door,

A man replies, “have you been before?”

We shake our heads, indicating no,

 He replies, “Grab some sweets, then and off you go”.          


The next house is number 23,

We stroll up now quite casually.

We knock the door but the lights are out,

Do we really look that bad when we lark about?


Back to my house for fun and games,

‘Let’s do apple bobbing!’ my mum proclaims.

The apples are bobbing all rosy and red,

We’re all on the floor, all soaked, we’re led.


Thriller is playing, we all love that song,

We start to dance and sing along.

Another knock at the door: “Trick or Treat?”

And we carry on dancing to the beat.


I start to yawn and lay down my head,                                                                           

Mum says, “it’s time for bed.”

I walk up the stairs, feeling quiet sorrow,

But I can’t wait to eat all the sweets tomorrow.