English Department wins prestigious award!

English Department wins prestigious award!

The English Department, led by Mr Sandell, have won a very prestigious educational award from The Prince’s Teaching Institute – an educational charity set up to promote both teachers’ and students’ enjoyment and love of the subject.  In their own words: “We invigorate headteachers’ passion for education, re-awaken teachers' love of their subject, and show the newly qualified how to enhance their impact.”  

As a new member of the Schools’ Programme this academic year, the department set themselves some challenging targets, targeted in each of the following areas:

  1. Coherence and quality of challenge within the curriculum;
  2. Extending and enthusing pupils through subject-based activities that are beyond the curriculum;
  3. Encouraging teachers to explore, develop and share their own specialist subject knowledge;
  4. Raising the profile of your subject within education. 

In order to meet these objectives, the department undertook a vast range of tasks, including the development and writing of new schemes of learning; attending university-style lectures for those students studying A-level English Language and English Literature; inviting tutors from The University of Gloucestershire in to The Crypt to deliver seminar-style tutorials on Creative Writing for Year 12 and 13 students; every member of the department underwent relevant, personal professional development; extra-curricular activities for students grew in number; and much more. 

Mr Sandell attended the final review of this year’s objectives in the prestigious Merchant Taylor’s Hall (Threadneedle Street, London), in which it was agreed the department had met their objectives fully and could therefore be awarded with the ‘Princes’ Teaching Institute watermark’ which deems us to be a centre of excellence for English teaching. 

As a department, we are very proud of this award and look forward to continuing our work with the Institute over the forthcoming years.  Over the next two years we will continue to set ourselves new objectives to meet and, if successful, we will be able to complete a school-based project which will contribute towards national developments in education.