Year 12 Isaac Physics day

Year 12 Isaac Physics day

On 27th June, thirteen Year 12 physics students and their teacher, Mr Boon, made their way to St Edward’s School in Oxford for a day of problem solving.

Students from various different schools worked collaboratively in groups of four to solve mathematical physics problems.  Oxford Physics provided graduate students, trained by Isaac Physics, to support students through tackling the ‘challenge boards’ (a series of questions to enable students to work at different speeds and at difficulty levels).  This provided a unique opportunity for some high quality cross-age peer mentoring and some exciting conversations. 

Before the challenge day, each student had completed the following preparation:

  • read the guide to problem-solving and an introduction to exponentials;
  • signed up to the Isaac Physics website;
  • joined their class and school Isaac Physics groups;
  • completed the pre-event challenge board. 

The day enabled students to think ahead to the challenges of Year 13 and the need to support the capacitance and radioactivity topics, strengthening their mathematical skills and exploring exponentials and logarithms. A lunchtime lecture on the mathematical complexities and subtle behaviour of Chain Fountains, prepared students for their second challenge board which was focussed on solving the last part of the lecture themselves and advanced mechanics-based problems.

Some photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page.

More information about Isaac Physics can be found here.