Founders? Day 2016

Founders? Day 2016

Founders’ Day is a special day in the Crypt School calendar. This is the day on which we celebrate and give thanks to the generosity of John and Joan Cooke who founded the school in 1539 “to stablish and ordeyn a continuall frescole of gramer for the erudicion of children and scolers” by a “scole maister to kepe scole and teche gramer freely”. 

This year, Founders’ Day was another tremendous occasion.  On the evening of 27th June, students, staff, parents and Old Cryptians filled Gloucester Cathedral. Here, the School Captain, Matthew Hughes, and President of the Old Cryptians Club, Richard Briggs, presented a rose to the Reverend Canon Nikki Arthy, Rector of St Mary de Crypt; a symbol of the quit rent the school pays to the church for the land on which the old schoolhouse stands. 

The orchestra and choir were expertly and enthusiastically led by Mr Julian Whittaker, Director of Music at The Crypt School; as ever, the music and singing were outstanding and set the mood for the occasion. In addition, we were treated to a composition composed and conducted by 6th form student David Crowe, performed by the Chamber Choir. 

The Venerable Jackie Searle delivered an excellent address about the ‘boat of life’ and prayers were read by students Rohan O’Donnell, Eden Saunders, Georgia Davies, School Captain Matthew Hughes and by the Headmaster, Nick Dyer. 

The retiring collection raised £667 which will go to charities Teenage Cancer and CLIC. 

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising this wonderful event – and to everyone who came to support us.