The BBC Micro:bits have landed!

The BBC Micro:bits have landed!

Crypt School staff were delighted to receive their BBC micro:bits recently! 

Micro:bits are pocket-sized codeable computers (pictured above) which have been given to every Year 7 child across the UK.  The BBC has collaborated with 29 partners to create and roll out these devices to promote digital creativity and address the current critical skills shortage in the technology sector. 

Micro:bits contain motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology; students can use them to programme, code and test their ideas – and no experience is needed. The project is all about hand-on discovery. 

Recently, Gloucestershire teachers and STEM ambassadors met at The Crypt School Engineering Centre to explore the huge potential of these devices.  The BBC has a wealth of resources on its website, for students to practice coding. 

We look forward to rolling out activities next academic year. For more information about the BBC micro:bit, visit their website.