Chateau du Broutel Trip 27-30 May 2016

Chateau du Broutel Trip 27-30 May 2016

On Friday, 27th May, a number of Year 7 pupils set off for northern France to the Chateau du Broutel in Rue.

On Friday afternoon, after a trip through the Channel Tunnel, we arrived at Chateau du Broutel and the following morning we had a tour of the Chateau. Later, we walked into the town to visit the market where the pupils went shopping and practised their French! Afterwards we visited a snail farm and sampled some of the produce before going to a chocolate factory to learn about how chocolate is made.

We visited the town of Saint Valery on Sunday which is the place where William the Conqueror launched. Here we walked through the town and went to the market and had a drink in the café before returning to the Chateau for team games and archery in the afternoon.

On our final day, we packed up and left the Chateau to go and visit a bakery near Boulogne where the pupils learned how French bread is made and had a go at making some croissants! (The baker was a bit scary…) After tasting the croissants and pains chocolats we headed back through the Channel Tunnel and home.

We had a very enjoyable time and thank you to Madame Robin, Miss Barnett and Mr Taylor for accompanying us.

by Mrs Joynson