Sport Relief 2016

Sport Relief 2016

To raise money for Sport Relief this year, students took part in a 24-hour Bench Press Challenge.

The challenge started 17th March at 3.15pm and students aimed to keep one Bench Press in constant use in order to record the heaviest weight possible in 24 hours. We hoped to achieve a total weight lifted of 1 million kilos and potentially set a new World Record.

Each student had the opportunity to sign up to the challenge either within or outside of school – and some very brave students signed up for a 12-hour Bench Press which took them through the night! 

This long, hard and challenging endeavour involved over 200 students and staff members.

*****  At the time of publishing, we do not have the final figure of kilos pressed
but this page will be updated with the figure shortly – check back here
(and via our social media updates)  *****

Our achievement is particularly exciting because the Guinness World Record team will receive our evidence for the challenge so we’re looking forward to confirmation of having achieved an Official World Record!

Well done to everyone involved.

For more photos of the event, visit our Facebook page.

By Andy Hart