Girls to join The Crypt School

Girls to join The Crypt School

Times are changing for one of the oldest schools in the country as The Crypt School in Gloucester seeks to become fully co-ed 

Marking a significant step forward in its 500-year history, The Crypt School in Gloucester proposes to open its doors to girls in Year 7 from September 2018.

Currently, The Crypt School is a highly-regarded, selective boys’ grammar school with a co-educational sixth form. However, governors at the school have revealed that the time is now right to make the transition to full co-educational status from 2018.

The move marks an exciting time for the school and for families living in the area who wish to send their children to a selective, co-educational school.

Gloucestershire currently has seven grammar schools but only one is co-educational. This means that parents living in the Gloucester area must send their children to Cheltenham if they wish to enjoy a co-educational grammar school education.

“The opportunity for parents to choose a co-educational grammar school remains extremely limited,” said Nicholas Dyer, Headmaster at The Crypt School. “Governors have therefore concluded that the City of Gloucester will benefit from the establishment of a co-educational grammar school, which will result in increased parental choice in the city and region.”

In order to fulfill the school’s objectives of being able to offer sufficient places to children within the local community who aspire to attend a co-educational grammar school, governors are also proposing to increase the school’s intake from 140 to 150 in Year 7 of that year’s cohort.

Governors are confident that the proposed changes will have a positive outcome for the school and the local community.

“In the 1980s the school debated long and hard about whether to admit girls into its sixth form,” said Mr Dyer. “We now have a thriving co-educational sixth form, which we would certainly not seek to change. In the future, we will have a thriving co-educational school: in some ways it will mean that there will be changes to the school, but the culture we have in school, our traditions, and values will remain the same.” 

The English school system is currently undergoing significant changes, but governors are committed to ensuring that The Crypt School will remain an outstanding centre of learning and achievement while playing its part in the drive to improve educational attainment in the region. Governors will continue to expand the school’s work with local primary schools and will investigate the possibility of locating a new co-educational primary school on The Crypt School’s site.

Formal consultation on these proposed changes will be held in May 2016.