Mathematics is a central part of learning and teaches students the concepts of logic, proof as well as applications into many varied areas of life.


Mathematics is a central part of learning and teaches students the concepts of logic and proof as well as having applications into many varied areas of life. It is a key building block for many subjects as well as being a subject in its own right. Mathematics is seen as a crucial element of the school's academic life and is staffed by highly qualified teachers who have a wide range of interests.

At the Crypt School we recognise that a qualification in Mathematics is vital for all our students and we are justly proud of the achievements of our students at all levels. We demand the highest standards of our students and their success in recent years has shown a steady increase in performance. There are five dedicated Mathematics classrooms all fully equipped with interactive whiteboards and a comprehensive range of software to assist students in their understanding. The department is well resourced and subscribes to the MyMaths website.

We take part in various Mathematics Challenges run by the UK Mathematics Trust and also participate in Team challenges at Senior and Intermediate level with considerable success. We are always looking for ways to further enhance our student's experiences and have run cyber challenges over the past few years together with a recent visit to Bletchley Park.

Students spend 6 or 7 hours a fortnight in Mathematics lessons, and have four 30-45 minute homework tasks over the same period. Students are placed in sets by ability in Year 8 and 9 and at the end of Year 9 undertake an internal SAT's test as well as taking Functional Skills Level 2.

In Year 10 and 11 students are taught in five groups and take two GCSE's, Methods in Mathematics and Applications in Mathematics. Additionally, the top 2 sets take GCSE Statistics.  The highest achieving students also have the opportunity of taking Further Maths iGCSE in Year 11.  Students are expected to spend up to an hour on each piece of homework set.

In the Sixth form we offer a range of A-Level courses, including Mathematics and Further Mathematics. All three applied modules are offered (Mechanics, Statistics and Decision) and we are always looking to expand the challenges that our students experience. It has been satisfying to see a general increase in the demand for our Mathematics courses over the past few years and in particular for Further Mathematics. Students normally undertake nine periods of study per fortnight for each subject and there are an increasing number of our students going on to study Mathematics at university.

The Department

Head of Department: Mr Richard Sayers
Second in Department: Mr Daniel Foster
Mrs Janet Waterston
Mrs Penelope Bennett
Mr Adam Bennett
Mrs Alison Peake
Mr Joshua Dixon
Mrs Alison Peake 



Key Stages 3 & 4

Maths & ICT

Most students in Year 7 choose to take part in the schools laptop scheme. The Maths department have membership of the MyMaths website, which allows students to work through lessons, games and tasks to improve their Mathematics at their own pace. Laptops are also loaded with software used in other Maths lessons, including Autograph and Excel. Students are encouraged to use the Internet to find other websites to improve their learning, of which there are many.

Every classroom has an interactive Whiteboard, and they are used to show concepts dynamically wherever possible.

UKMT Maths Challenges

Approximately half the Mathematicians in Year 7 and 8 are entered for the Junior Maths Challenge run by the UKMT. Selected students from Year 7 and 8, and approximately half the students in Year 9 and 10 are entered for the Intermediate Maths Challenge. Certain students in Year 11 are also selected to take part in the Senior Challenge.

These challenges are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers, which are designed to stimulate interest in mathematics in large numbers of pupils. Success in these challenges is rewarded by either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate and a lunch and presentation ceremony with the headmaster.

In addition to the individual challenges, four top students, two in Year 8 and two in Year 9, are selected to take part in a Team Challenge after a series of rounds in school. The UKMT Team Challenges promote mathematical dexterity, team working, and communication skills. They give pupils the opportunity to compete against pupils from other schools in their region.

In recent years our team has made it to the National Final in London, after success at the Regional Final.

World Maths Day

World Maths Day is an International Mathematics competition held in March. Students compete to complete mental arithmetic questions, with points being given for each correct answer. Prizes are awarded in school for the fastest round and the most correct questions answered over the day. In 2013, the event occurred on March 6th. 5.5 million students from over 230 countries combined to correctly answer 428,598,214 mathematics questions.

External Examinations

Year 9

In Year 9 all of our students sit a qualification in Functional Skills at level 2. This provides a basic certification for all students, showing their ability use Mathematics in a range of practical settings.

Year 11

In Year 11 all our students sit a minimum of two GCSE Mathematics qualifications, with the top two sets taking GCSE Statistics in addition.

The Mathematics exams our students will be sitting in 2013 are the AQA Linked Pair Mathematics papers - Applications in Mathematics and Methods in Mathematics. Neither of these involve any coursework.

GCSE Statistics is a further Mathematical qualification, based around data handling and probability. It provides an excellent base for the S1 applied module of A-Level Mathematics, and is offered to our top two sets.

Assessment is through examination at the end of Year 11, and a controlled assessment task in school in the spring term in Year 11. Teaching time is within the normal hours for Mathematics.

Further information may be found on the the AQA website.

Online Resources

My Maths
KS3 SATS Papers
Manga High


In addition, the school provides additional valuable resources for revision within the Maths Department section of the school intranet site.






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