Our aim is to stimulate a life-long love of language and language learning so pupils can interact with people from other cultures with confidence


Language skills are a great asset for life – whether they are used in a future career or simply for practical purposes when travelling the world. Languages offer you the opportunity to interact with people from other cultures, to increase your future earning power and to enhance your literacy and problem solving skills.

At The Crypt all students study French and German from Year 7. We focus on the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and translation and provide the framework in which students can use language creatively, spontaneously and to enhance cross-curricular learning.

Our aim is that all students become confident, resourceful and resilient learners who are comfortable thinking on their feet – soft skills that are hugely valued by higher education establishments and employers.

We endeavour to make language learning an interactive and exciting experience and we make full use of communications technology to consolidate skills and to provide a cultural anchoring to classroom study. Film, literature and native culture are also built into our schemes of work for students to enjoy.

We are also currently developing a new range of trips to complement classroom learning and many language students at The Crypt have gone on to live, work, study and thrive in a foreign language environment.

Senior year groups also have invaluable access to native language assistants who help to refine students’ verbal communication skills even further. 

Why German?

  • German is the most highly valued foreign language skill by UK employers.
  • Germany is Europe’s largest economy and its companies are global market leaders.
  • Germany is the UK’s second highest export partner and world’s #1 export nation.
  • It is a major language of engineering, business, science, academia and research.
  • Learning German is hugely beneficial for enhancing literacy skills in English. 

Why French?

  • A world language – 220 million native speakers worldwide.
  • A language for the jobs market.
  • A language of culture – theatre, fashion, cooking and the visual arts.
  • A language of international relations – a working language of the UN, EU, IOC & NATO.
  • A language to unlock other languages – French provides a great base for understanding Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and will give you a much deeper insight into how English works. 

2018/19 YEAR 7 STUDENTS:

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The Department: 

Mrs Jacob-Reilly – Teacher of German and French

Mrs Joynson – Teacher of French and Spanish

Mr Quinlan – Head of MFL, Teacher of German and French

Ms Swain – Teacher of French and Spanish

Mrs Thompson – Teacher of German


Mr Carlos Martínez Ibáñez – Spanish Language Assistant

Mrs Barbara Parsonage – German Language Assistant

Miss Aylin Tavus - German Language Assistant


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