iPad Scheme


iPad Scheme: 

The Crypt is pleased to offer parents of students in year 7 & 8 the option to opt into our iPad Scheme. This scheme allows students to use an iPad during the school day to enhance their learning and develop their academic ability. All staff also have iPads and have embedded them into lessons, to make them more engaging and interactive. 

We have chosen the iPad based on three main reasons:

Personalised Learning:

It is proven that the use of an iPad in the classroom allows a lesson to become personalised based on the students ability and needs. Students are also able to work at their own pace and review notes they make in lessons at home – without having the extra weight of exercise books.

Enhanced Engagement:

The iPads allow our lessons to become more interactive, allowing every student, ether confident or not, to participate in a lesson and engage into class discussions.

Prepared for future careers:

According to surveys done by Open Colleges, 86% of students believe that tablets can help them study more effectively.

The use of technology in the classroom, allows students to learn fundamental IT skills that are now compulsory when searching for early employment.

Help Guides:

Below are a series of help guides created by our IT Department to help students setting up their device. 

How to print from the iPad 

Taking Care of the iPad:

iPad MOT:

Just like a car, it is a good idea to ensure that the iPad to be ready for the school year ahead. We suggest that you do the following before the first day of term:

  • Check that the iPad is on the latest version of iOS (Settings > General > Software Update)
  • Open Photos and delete any photos that are no longer needed.
  • Delete any apps that you do not use. Don’t worry you can get these apps back from App Portal if you need them again later.
  • Make sure that you are signed into your Apple ID. (Ensure that this is your school 'Managed Apple ID', it will end with @appleid.crypt.gloucs.sch.uk)
  • Make sure you are signed into Foldr.
  • Change your iPad passcode and also set up TouchID. This keeps your iPad secure.
  • Charge your iPad to 100% before bringing it to school.
  • It is also a good idea to restart the iPad, so that the Springboard is refreshed. This prevents any glitches or issues.

If you need any help with doing any of these. Contact IT Support.


All Year 7 iPads are provided by Western Computer and are covered by 2 years insurance. Please click on the link below and fill in the claim form. And hand the device in to IT Services at school.


Please note that for the first claim no excess is required however subsequent claims are charged at £50. 

Students who are in year 8 will need to collect an insurance forum from IT Services. 


If you need to purchase additional accessories for the iPad, please see our price list below. 

iPad Accessory Pricing 

If you have any enquires please email Michael Brewis at mbrewis@crypt.gloucs.sch.uk OR phone the school office and ask to be put through to the IT Department.


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