The main purpose of ICT in Education is primarily the implementing of ICT Equipments and Tools in Teaching-Learning processes.


The Department

Mr P Roberts – Head of ICT and Mathematics

Mr K Davies

Mrs R Palmer


General Purpose

The main purpose of ICT in Education is primarily the implementing of ICT Equipments and Tools in Teaching-Learning processes.  The purpose of ICT in education is generally to familiarise students with the use and workings of computers, and related social and ethical issues.

ICT has also enabled learning through multiple intelligences, as ICT has introduced learning through simulation games; this enables active learning through all senses.


ICT's Contribution to the Curriculum at Key Stage 3

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a foundation subject within the national curriculum. ICT is also one of the Key Skills, which should be taught as an integral part of all foundation subjects. 

At the end of KS3 all students will sit ICT Functional skills Level 2, with the chance of a pilot group sitting the GCSE short course at the same point as a means of stretching our most able students.


Prepare students for the increasingly technological world that they will face in adult life.

Aim to equip students to participate in society in a meaningful and positive way.

The ICT department aims to develop students with appropriate ICT skills, concepts, principles, methods and vocabulary - thus enabling staff across the Curriculum to assume correctly that students have a basic level of competence.

ICT aims to open sections of the curriculum previously unattainable due to the deficiencies in students' knowledge, experience and skills.

The ICT department aims to develop, maintain and stimulate students' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in ICT.

The ICT department aims to develop students' personal qualities such as politeness, perseverance, initiative, empathy, self-confidence, independence and an ability to work effectively in a group.

The ICT department aims to enable all students to have equal access to ICT and experience success in their work.

The Learning Environment

Information Communication Technology (ICT) taught courses take place in one of the 2 dedicated ICT suites that each has 30 student computers.

Rooms 42 & 43, which are the primary ICT suites, also have ample desk space to enable staff the flexibility to work at the computer or at desks as necessary.

Each ICT suite has a teacher machine that is connected to a projector to enable for effective demonstration of the ICT skills to be developed.

The All ICT modules are supported by teacher demonstration via projectors.

Good ICT work is displayed in the main ICT suites to encourage students to aspire to higher standards.


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