More able students are encouraged to apply higher order thinking skills and are expected to take a leading role within their classes.


At Crypt, ensuring that every student is challenged to make optimum progress extends into our provision for the Most Able; as well as being embedded into the classroom each day, a wide range of opportunities beyond the curriculum are offered to students to support and further their abilities.

Nearly all our students agree that as a high achieving school, provision for individuals with aspiration, talent and interest is embedded into our ethos and every day teaching at Crypt.

The identification of students as being More Able, Gifted and Talented in curriculum subjects is a national strategy designed to ensure that these individuals capitalise upon their potential and make excellent progress. At Crypt, each department has developed subject specific criteria by which to identify students, and consequently these individuals are monitored and supported – ultimately to ensure that they achieve both the highest grades in examinations, but also to stretch the beyond the limits of the curriculum being studied.

Historically, activities and events that have been offered to More Able students have included Aspire More Able CSI Investigation days where students are challenged to use a combination of theoretical and practical scientific skills to uncover a culprit, the Sports Academy where progress in a variety of disciplines is fostered, visits both to and from Oxford and other universities to embed aspirations for the future, the Target 2.0 and Young Enterprise initiatives to grow economic and entrepreneurial talents, and entry into UKMT Maths Challenges and the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge which are designed to encourage students to apply previous knowledge in innovative ways to solve problems.

By focusing upon ‘teaching to the top’ and securing outstanding progress for the Most Able amongst each cohort, all pupils have the opportunity to be stretched and achieve amazing results as an exceptionally positive learning environment is promoted, and a wide variety of skills and talents are celebrated by all.

Educating More Able Children:  Guide for Parents & Carers Brochure

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In June 2014, the school’s provision for the More Able, Gifted and Talented was acknowledged by the successful achievement of the NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) Challenge Award.

After a rigorous assessment process, which included close scrutiny of our provision, lesson observations, as well as interviews with parents, staff and students, we became the only secondary school in Gloucestershire to be given this Ofsted approved award, which demonstrates the quality and variety of the opportunities More Able students have at Crypt. To be accredited with the award was a fantastic achievement and is reflective of our commitment to supporting and challenging students within and beyond the curriculum.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the More Able, Gifted and Talented programme please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Paulina Kirkpatrick, Assistant Headteacher - Director of Learning and Pedagogy via email


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