We welcome new parents to our meetings to get involved in helping to support the School


Get involved with the Crypt School Parent Teachers Association

There are so many ways you can get involved.  For those who live close enough to the school, giving some of your time is the most useful thing you can do. If you live too far away to be able to help in that way, there are still things you can do to support your school.

Give Your Time

Any time you can give, even if it’s just an hour or so will be extremely helpful.  Regular areas that need support are refreshments at Events, our Uniform Shop (Monday lunchtimes) and our Car Boot Sales (6 across the summer period).  Please click on the links for further detail or contact us: cspta@cryptschool.org

Join The 200 Club Monthly Draw

Purchase as many numbers as you like (£1 a number) and you are put into a monthly draw for cash prizes.  The 200 club particularly suits parents who want to support the Crypt School PTA but live just too far away to help out at functions.  You can gift aid this if you are a UK tax payer and the Crypt School PTA will be able to claim 25% back from HM Revenue & Customs.

Easy Fundraising Website (You shop, the school benefits)

Simply register with www.easyfundraising.org.uk and say you want to support the “Crypt School Association”.  Then anytime you go shopping, visit their website and click through to your favourite shops (such as Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, etc).

Once you purchase something the shops make a cash donation to the Crypt School Parent Teacher Association.  It won’t cost you a single extra penny but it could raise a lot of money to support the school.

Save Your Foreign Coins

When you come back from holiday abroad and you’ve got a few spare coins (or notes) left over that the bureau de change won’t deal with, send them into school.  Once we’ve collected enough we can exchange them for cash to support the school.   

Don’t forget, you can also canvas other family members, friends and neighbours.

As the school runs a number of trips abroad each year, we also request teachers to ask students if they have any spare foreign coins at the end of those trips.

There is a bucket in reception so let’s fill it up!

Recycle Your Printer Cartridges And Old Mobile Phones

We recycle printer cartridges and old mobile phones through the Recycle 4 Charity scheme.    The PTA will get £1 per cartridge, so if you have used cartridges please send them into school Reception and they will pass them on to us.  Mobile phones can also be recycled for cash if you have any old ones lying about.


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