Geography is a vibrant and exciting department which delivers a course for those of you who are interested in the world around you.



Geography is a vibrant and exciting department which delivers a course for those of you who are interested in the world around you and in learning about people, places and environments. It is an evolving subject which reflects world conditions and changes which occur such as; climate change, resource use, challenges to landscapes and the planning of our urban areas, so up to date knowledge of current affairs is important. At The Crypt School, we strive to offer students knowledge of traditional Geography as well as pushing boundaries and encompassing Geography as an exciting and relevant subject in the 21st Century.

The Team:

Geography is currently taught in subject specific and well equipped rooms by Mrs Brooks (Head of Geography and History), Mr Biggs (Head of Sixth Form), Miss Barnett (Head of Year 10) and Mrs Longhurst.


Geography is a popular subject at The Crypt and continues to go from strength to strength. We are proud as a department of our outstanding record at both A Level and GCSE.  At A Level, students regularly achieve over 70% of grades at A*-B whilst at GCSE, over 65% of students have obtained A* and A grades in the last three years. These grades reflect the department’s reputation for excellent standards of teaching and learning within the class room and the support pupils can expect from their geography teachers.


The department acknowledges that student learning is accelerated with positive reinforcement in lessons and uses the school merit and praise card systems when and wherever possible. We also have a Geographer of the month award which is awarded to one student per teaching group per term


Geography is taught to all students in KS3 and then as an optional subject at KS4/5. The following courses are taught at A Level and GCSE:

OCR A Level (2016):

OCR GCSE Specification B:



Year Group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Terms 5 and 6


Introduction to Geography


Weather and Climate

Microclimate; River landforms






Economic Activities

Risky World






Environmental Challenges

South America

GCSE Sustaining Ecosystems


Sustaining Ecosystems

Tectonic Hazards

Tectonic Hazards

Climatic Hazards

Changing Climates

Distinctive Landscapes


Issues evaluation


Dynamic Development

Urban Futures

Resource Reliance

UK in the 21st Century

Final Examinations


Coastal Landscapes

Exploring Oceans

Changing Spaces, Making Places

Coastal Management

Individual Investigation


Powers and Borders

Global Migration

Hazardous Earth

Earth Life Support Systems

Hazardous Earth

Earth Life Support Systems

Hazardous Earth

Earth Life Support Systems

Final Examinations



The curriculum is supported through field work opportunities; either as a day trip or as a residential visit and this is seen as a key aspect of learning and enjoyment in the subject.


Fieldtrips include:

Year 7 – Investigating microclimate in the school grounds

Year 7 – A study of the village of Goodrich and its suitability for particular uses

Year 8 – Exploring environmental quality around the school

Year 9 – Investigating the sustainability of the school building

Year 10 – GCSE students complete two days fieldwork covering both human geography (in Gloucester City Centre) and physical geography (a river study in the Forest of Dean).

 Year 12 – A residential trip to North Devon in order to investigate coastal processes in Westward Ho! and researching the concept of Place in Barnstaple and Bideford.

Year 12: Examining urban change at The Mailbox, Birmingham

Year 10: Investigation the Central Business District of Gloucester




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