Overcoming SEND CPD

The Crypt Teaching School Alliance recently held a seminar on “Overcoming SEND:  Accelerating learning through Precision Teaching”

The seminar was presented by Thanos Vostanis  who has a Ph.D in Applied Behaviour Analysis with a focus on Precision Teaching to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities across academic skills such as literacy and numeracy.  Thanos is currently lecturing and supervising postgraduate students studying in the ABA and PBS courses.

Precision teaching is an educational framework that can be complementary to any teaching approach or curriculum.   The seminar focused on the development of fluent and agile learners through the use of; evidence-based instructional tactics, sensitive progress monitoring procedures and dynamic decision-making strategies that accelerate learning as well as understanding the concept of fluency and suggestions on how students could develop fluent skills.

The seminar was in high demand and a number of external schools were represented:

"This was fantastic I went home sourced resources and have come into school and started using the practice today".

"We will be introducing precision teaching to school. The staff are enthused and are already beginning to use some of the concepts".

"It refreshed my thoughts about the positive effect of precision teaching on fluency of basic skills. It will become part of the school's QFT in Reception and Year 1 and used as a SEND intervention from Y2 up"

"Many teachers are already taking the ideas on board and creating blank graphs as well as using timed tasks. As a staff we will get together in June to reflect on the impact of using precision teaching in the classroom"


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