Employment and Apprenticeships - bright futures for all students


Not all of our students wish to go from A-Levels to university: each year some of our Year 13 leavers will take up positions in training, employment and apprenticeships.

Crypt Sixth Form has now established strong ties to a number of local and national employers and we have been particularly successful in facilitating the move for our students into apprenticeships in engineering and accounting.

This careers advice work is supported by, and structured through, the Personal Education (PEd) programme, delivered by Head of Careers, Mrs Karen Reynolds and supported by our specialist careers advisor Sue White, who sees students on a one-to-one basis. We also offer advice on preparing professional CVs and ensure that each of our students is offered the opportunity to undergo a mock interview before heading off for the ‘real thing’.

Our success rates speak for themselves: once again this year every single one of our Year 13 leavers went on to education, employment or training.


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