Proud to be the only co-educational selective school in Gloucester


We are delighted to be welcoming girls into our 500 year old School in September 2018.  The School’s staff and students are working hard to ensure we provide the best education and pastoral care for our pioneering co-educational cohort in 2018.

We have been humbled by the immense level of interest we have had from parents of girls to attend our Afternoon Tea events and their feedback has been both helpful and encouraging.
“My daughter X, enjoyed the activities and answered all the relevant  questions, we had”
“My wife and I, are both advocates, of Co-Education and given the option, would always consider Co-Education, as our first choice.  The acid test was when my daughter said to us: I would like to attend Crypt”.
“A very useful event, carefully planned”
“I feel confident that if she had a qualifying score after taking the 11 plus, she could choose Crypt.  I feel that a lot of thought has been put into the changes required and how to transition through them”

We welcome your input so please contact Mrs Kirkpatrick, Co-Education Leader, to become part of our Co-education Parent Committee.




Co-Educational Project’s timeline

1.       Dance room - February 2016
2.       Consultation period: 25th April 2016 to 3rd June 2016. Drop-in sessions at the school: May 11th and May 18th 3.30pm to 7.00pm
3.       Uniform - June 2016
4.       New Teaching block – August 2016
5.       Admission Policy change by Governors and official DfE Approval  – March 2017
6.       Girls’ changing rooms – August 2018
7.       Multipurpose sports pitch – August 2018
8.       Curriculum & pastoral review – January 2017
9.       Appointment of Head of Girls and Girls’ PE teacher – January 2018

First year 7 girls into The Crypt school – September 2018



Co-Ed progress update








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History of The Crypt School