The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

In addition to their A-level study students are offered the opportunity to study for an extra qualification as part of their enrichment. This optional qualification is equivalent to half an ‘A’ level in terms of UCAS points. It’s also a really excellent way to showcase your organisational abilities, research abilities, critical thinking, extended writing and presentation skills and is hugely valuable preparation for degree-level study. Universities requested this type of course to help prepare them for university style assignments and they fully support this qualification.

The Extended Project element is an opportunity to take your learning off at a tangent. You can choose to demonstrate greater depth in an existing area of study or take the opportunity to investigate something completely fresh or different – many students opt to complete a project that is related to their career or degree aspirations to demonstrate enthusiasm and enrich their CV/personal statements.  The topic allows for such diverse topics and we have seen projects ranging from marine pollution, writing a school play and  the study of oriental instruments.  The course comprises of either a 5000 word research essay or a 1000 word essay with a substantial product (such as art work, modelling, etc.), an on-going production log, and a presentation.

The EPQ qualification and its ethos is excellent, dovetailing perfectly into our many activities that encourage in-depth investigation and independent study amongst Sixth Form students. It is useful in demonstrating enthusiasm, commitment and breadth of study to future employers or universities.

"The EPQ ethos is excellent preparation for study beyond the Sixth Form."



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