If your son has not been successful in gaining a place at The Crypt School for entry in Year 7 in September 2017, you do have a statutory right to appeal and will be before an independent admissions appeal panel.  However, it may assist you to know that in order to have a possibility of succeeding on appeal you will need to demonstrate that your son is of the required academic standard.  The admissions appeals code suggests school reports with the Year 5/6 SAT results or a letter of support from your son’s current or previous school as examples of how one would do this.  Please note that if he is not considered to be of the appropriate academic standard by the independent appeal panel then the appeal will fail.

If you do wish to appeal please download an Appeal Form, after the allocation of places by the Local Authority in March 2017.  Please complete and return to Sue Wales at The Crypt School by 4.00 p.m. on Thursday, 27thApril 2017. Appeals will be held during week beginning 5th June.

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