200 Club


The 200 Club

The Crypt School Parent Teacher Association runs a 200 Club as a way of raising additional funds for the school. Over the years, it has raised a significant amount of money which has been put back into school for the benefit of all the students.

What Is It?

The 200 Club is a monthly draw which takes place at the Crypt School PTA meeting. Out of the money collected each month, around half is paid out in prizes and the rest goes into the school to directly benefit our children. 

How Does It Work?

Once you join, you are allocated a number (or numbers) and that number stays with you for as long as you participate. Each number costs £1 each month and there is no limit to how many numbers you can purchase. Payment can be made by a standing order or a cheque or cash paid annually in advance.

Who Can Join?

Anyone really. It’s a great way for Mums and Dads, Grandparents and other family and friends to support the students and in return get a chance of winning some cash! It’s also a way of supporting the school if you don’t live locally and so can’t help at other events the Crypt School PTA put on for the school. 

What Are The Prizes?

Each month all the numbers allocated are put into a draw. Half the money received is given away in prize money, with the number of prizes varying depending on how many numbers have been sold.   First prize is £50, with smaller prizes down to £10.

How Can I Join?

It’s easy. Simply complete the standing order form hand or post to the School Reception marked for the attention of Jane Pritchard - 200 Club Administrator.  If you would prefer to pay by cash or cheque, please include this with the form with only your details on it, made payable to “The Crypt School Association 200 Club”. You can also set up payment with your online banking, just us an email on cspta.200club@cryptschool.org letting us know and we will look out for your payment.  

What Happens Then?

We’ll confirm that your application has been accepted and let you know your number/s. If you win, we will write to you enclosing a cheque.

Good Luck and thanks for supporting us!







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